Despite Covid19, repairs on Calypso have been progressing. After months of gathering goods, a container of building supplies, furniture, and appliances was delivered in May. Workers have taken care of the major repairs despite travel restrictions, quarantines, and great demand for their services. The last steps for being ready to rent require owner involvement and, unfortunately, the owners have had to cancel several trips due to virus concerns. International travel is still greatly restricted, and power has yet to be restored. Hopefully, these issues will soon be resolved, the owners can put the finishing touches on repairs and improvements,  and Calypso can be rented in 2021.

Facebook and the various island blogs are great sources for monitoring island-wide recovery and repair efforts, and there should be no doubt that Elbow Cay is getting ready for visitors. Several major island projects that have been planned for years have commenced and/or finished, facilitated by the reduced number of people on the island.