Because Elbow Cay is focused on the enjoyment of vacation visitors and second home owners, the industrial/commercial activities of a major population center are thankfully absent. A noticeable  benefit is how few cars and trucks there are and the lack of traffic – most everyone walks, rides a bike, or uses a golf cart.  The lanes of Hope Town proper are wonderful for casual strolling – motorized traffic is restricted (even golf carts) to only those necessary for supplying the local businesses – so you won’t get run off the road by a speeding truck or a screaming obnoxious moped. (Sorry Man-O-War Cay, I love you but hate those tranquility destroyers!)

So, are you ready for a golf cart?  They are available for rent from several excellent companies on Elbow Cay, but the conundrum becomes whether to choose gas or electric. There are good arguments for each, but what do the owners of Calypso personally use, and why? ELECTRIC! (Yes, I am shouting.) Electric carts are quiet, gas carts are not. Do you want to enjoy your  site-seeing ride in comfortable conversation or do you like to shout?  The island is quiet. Why disturb this peacefulness?  Simple, isn’t it? With that out of the way, let’s talk practical matters. Gas carts are preferred by the cart rental companies because they are easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run, they don’t require charging, and people don’t forget to charge them and/or abandon them when the batteries die. Okay, so you caught that charging the battery thing  just mentioned and that’s got you thinking. Really, keeping the cart charged is  not that big a deal. Every house has an outlet close to the cart parking area, and it only takes seconds to plug in. Just remember to plug in when you don’t plan to use the cart for a while, and do your part to protect the tranquility of a beautiful island.