Plan Your Vacation

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Step 1

Most visitors plan their own trip with the information contained on this website and help from the rental agent, Elbow Cay Properties. Travel agents seldom have the experience or contacts to make all the necessary reservations. Sure, it's more effort, but realize that this also keeps the crowds away.

Of greatest importance is planning far in advance. The more popular rental houses and boats are booked early, particularly during the busy season or holidays.

1. Pick Your Dates

Calypso, with its screened porch, ocean and land decks, and air conditioning, is comfortable and appealing throughout the year. However, there are times when all rental houses on the island are in great demand, so the sooner you can pick your dates, the better the odds of securing the house when you want it.

2. Reserve the House

The rental agent for Calypso is Elbow Cay Properties. This is a small agency providing very personalized attention and typically you'll be talking directly with the owners or their family members. They will gladly answer your questions or offer suggestions. All reservations are forwarded to Elbow Cay Properties.

3. Make Airline Reservations

Numerous air carriers and charter planes are available. Book  early for better fares and selections.

4. Reserve the Boat

Like the houses, the best boats from the best companies are reserved far in advance. The larger boats give a better ride when breezy, carry more people and extend your comfortable travel range. The owners of Calypso greatly prefer the 20' or 23' Albury boats. Calypso has a reserved slip at a private dock on Nigh Creek, 2 minutes away by cart. An additional slip is available if needed.

5. Reserve Golf Carts

Golf carts are the preferred method of transportation on Elbow Cay, and there are several rental companies from which to choose. You will likely need some combination of 4 and/or 6 seat carts. Overloading carts is not allowed and strictly enforced. The owners of Calypso prefer electric carts for pleasant conversation and maintaining the tranquility of the island, but there are fewer available for rent.

6. Reserve Bicycles

Bicycles may be rented from The Bike Shop at Hope Town Canvas.

See the Getting Around, Getting There, and Contacts pages for more information on cart and boat rentals.