The Calypso slip is located at a 12 slip T dock on Nigh Creek about halfway between town and the house, along the main road that parallels the creek and ocean.  With plenty of water for any outboard boat, the dock is well protected from wind and there is no boat traffic, so the water is always calm. Nigh Creek is clearly  identified on marine charts of the Hope Town Harbour, and the boat rental agencies will gladly locate the creek on the charts they typically provide. The multiple signs and pink gate help identify the dock from the street and the water.

Securing your boat with crossing and spring lines does not work well at this dock due to the unusual position of the pilings off the dock. The best (and easiest) way is to drop a stern anchor 1-2 boat lengths from the boat’s final position in the slip, and tighten the line enough to keep the bow from getting under the dock. Secure the bow with a single line with enough length to account for the tidal change. Lines on the side pilings are not necessary! It is perfectly fine for your boat to rub against the side pilings in these calm waters, and they will help separate your boat from the neighboring boats. This method of securing your boat (stern anchor and bow to dock) is how you will tie up to most every dock in the area- they just won’t have the side pilings. (Of course, things are different with larger boats at the marinas.)